“Mmm, that’s tasty.”

This is a phrase my girls use every once in a while. They used it today while I was making the frosting for cinnamon rolls.
No, they weren’t saying the frosting was mmm tasty but the powdered sugar, or confectioners sugar for you bakers who know the real name.
They were dusting the sugar from off my counter and licking it from their hands. Lilah wanted to lick my strainer that I was using to sift the sugar with, but I was not that nuts of a mommy. In fact I think they would have started eating it from the bag had I let them.
I’m sure I need to store the tasty delight higher in my cupboard now that they know what it is, but more importantly how good it is.

I don’t need to buy candy or make cookies for them.
I just need a little powdered sugar.

One Response to ““Mmm, that’s tasty.””

  1. Amber Says:

    MMmm…. sugar. My kids like to lick the cinn/sugar mixture off the counter after we make cinn toast.