Nighttime Visits

Since Andrea and Brien are now married I think they’ve found time for other people. J/K. They were planning on going to Deseret Book for F.H.E., but they close at six on Mondays so they crashed ours. It was fun to have vistiors. We were just watching a Church History Video. We recently got the DVD set and we’ve just been running through them. Last nights video was The Three Witnesses. It was a cheesy church video, good but a little cheesy. It was made in the 70’s (my guess anyways) by BYU and as Brien said, man has church movie productions gotten better. Lilah loved having them over. In fact earlier in the day she asked if Brien and Andrea were coming over. I guess she got her wish. Now she keeps mentioning how Brien broke our chair, and we’ll probably buy a new blue one. Why blue? No clue, but she is two. (stop that rhyming I mean it. Anybody want a peanut?)

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