Is there something on my face?

So as I’m shopping I notice a couple of people look at me funny and I realize it’s my gigantic cold sore.
It’s in the starting to scab over and turn brown stage, so it’s not very pretty at all.

I got a lot done today in shopping but I burned about $12 because I left my Sterilite containers in the bottom part of my Target shopping cart and of course they weren’t there when I went back a couple hours later and no one had turned anything in.
I was going to buy 2 more, but I just felt bad and didn’t want to spend any more money since I had already spent a lot at two grocery stores. (More than what we had left in the food budget, though it was the diapers that killed us.)

I’m sad that people don’t return things to the store that were obviously left behind.
I’m sad that I spent a part of my allowance for next month, even though the shirt and sweater were on clearance.

We’re not hard up for money so that’s not what’s bothering me.
I just have finally come to a point where I had the thought today that I’d rather go home and make lunch rather then buy it because that $12 could go towards one of our savings projects. (As I just read this I realized maybe it was the spirit knowing I’d be a ditz and loose $12 in Sterilite containers. 😉 ) Though I was not thinking that way when I bought my shirts, but I figured it was my allowance not just miscellaneous money I would be spending.
I think I’m PMSing also so losing the Sterilite containers has gotten me in a funk.

I am happy because I’ll be getting my hair cut tomorrow. I wanted it cut before the Holidays and she had one last appointment left.
I only called her Friday, so I feel very lucky to get in because I usually have to wait a week or two.
So I’ll have great hair for Thanksgiving, but not the greatest face.

2 Responses to “Is there something on my face?”

  1. shania Says:

    Well I was going to suggest something but I forgot what it was I heard worked great…maybe baking soda? That seems to be the cureall for everything! But I can’t remember exactly what it was so I looked up home remedies for cold sores and this is what came up
    I never heard so many crazy ideas on one subject in my life! Who knows what will work?!
    Good luck! I’ve never had one but I can imagine its not pleasant.
    Have a great Thanksgiving anyway and be grateful its not leprosy! 🙂

  2. Andrea Says:

    I like that Brien thought you had chocolate on your face.