Thanksgiving Day

Jon has been a doll. He has let me sleep in on the weekends and he takes care of the girls and gets them breakfast.
It’s been great.
Thanksgiving Day:
Jon made Thanksgiving breakfast. Yummy blueberry muffins that we’ve had in our cupboard for a while.
We hung out at home and I made pies for my parents house.
We got there at 12:45 thinking “dinner” was at one. Only the people who live there and were staying there were there and the turkey was an hour behind because my mom started a turkey dripping fire in the oven.
No one else showed up till around 2 so we only saw some people for about an hour. We ate at 3 or so and we jetted out of there around 3:45.
We got to Ann’s house late, 4:30 but they waited for us since I had the rolls.
Ann and Doug have a new little Yorkie and the girls just loved him.
Lilah held him at every chance and she thought it was funny that he liked to nibble on my belt.
We got home around 8:30, just a half hour past the girls bedtime, though they didn’t get to bed till 9.

I went to my parents house with the girls because Andrea and Brien would be heading over there later and Jon needed time to work on a term paper.
I hung out with family and held the baby a little and I even cleaned out my car.
It was a nice day.

On a down note I’ve been getting sick since I went out on windy Wednesday. Today I feel my worst and since I’ve procrastinated writing my lesson I still need to prepare it.
I’m terrible I know it.
I’ve also slept or rested most of the morning since I’m feeling stuffy and just plain terrible.
I have gone over it, so that’s a plus.
I love the holidays, just not when I’m sick.

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