My niece Shauntae tagged me and I’m procrastinating my lesson.

1. Five Jobs I’ve Had:
Busser at a restaurant
– File clerk at an insurance office
– File clerk at a law office
– Student worker
– Care giver for Naia

2. Five Vehicles I’ve Owned (or driven as my own):
-’81 Honda Prelude
-‘?? Nissan Altima– I drove it while Andrea was in France and after I blew up my prelude.
-’94 Subaru Impreza
-’04 Toyota Camry
-that’s it

3. Five Places I’ve Volunteered:
– Church
–  I volunteer to give blood often- does that count?
–  Um, I guess I need to work on volunteering

4. Five Musical Artists I love:
– The Dixie Chicks
– Brad Paisley
– The Beatles
– Faith Hill
– Journey

5. Five Things I want to see happen in the next Five Years:
– Jon graduate with a Masters…
– … then a big raise…
– … so we can buy a bigger house.
– Me succeed at homeschooling the girls, or at least them progressing academically.
– Me pregnant with another baby, maybe twice within the next five years if we get a bigger house.

If you read this, you’re tagged: Andrea, Elizabeth, Sarah, Molly and Jon (haha, he won’t do it but maybe now he will since I said he won’t.)

6 Responses to “bored”

  1. Jonathan Blake Says:

    I won’t be dragged in by your reverse psychology. 😛

  2. Lacey Says:

    Phooey on you.
    I was only interested in what you wanted to see happen in the next five years anyways. 😛

  3. nice neice Says:

    Lacey, You’re so cute! Thanks for doing the 5 things blog. And by the way, don’t stress about the volunteering thing, most of my volunteer stuff started AFTER Ethan was in school. And, don’t forget the volunteer work you do at the temple, that definately counts! 🙂 BTW, I don’t remember the story of your first car blowing up?!

    Also, I second the motion on Jon doing the 5 things blog, I want to know his “next 5 years” list too. I think he’s not doing it because he knows that his “Five Cars” list would only include sweet little Su. 🙂

  4. Lacey Says:

    So I had my 81 Honda Prelude for less than a year and I had been in one accident that paid me $700, so I paid $300 to drive this car for 11 months, not bad. It also had an oil leak so I periodically put oil in it.

    I drove it home Sunday night from Jon’s house. It was making a banging, clanking noise, but after getting warmed up it was fine. I think the Lord was watching over me this night since it was late and well, it would have been a scary area of town to break down in.
    So Monday morning I’m running late for class. I start my car to get it warmed up, it’s making the terrible noise but I didn’t have time so I drove it thinking it would go away like it had the night before.
    I’m on the freeway and it’s still making a horrible banging and clanking noise and it’s just getting louder and louder so I start to pull over to the side of the road and then bam. A loud noise and black smoke.
    I had blown my engine.
    (So the car didn’t blow up but I killed it in a very dramatic and painful death.)
    A highway patrol happened to be traveling on the opposite side of the highway and saw the smoke and thought the car was on fire so he came to my rescue. Luckily it wasn’t on fire, but he couldn’t just leave me there so he took me to a gas station and let me use his cell phone to call my mom.
    It didn’t have enough oil in it so the engine blew up. I was probably lucky a fire didn’t start.

    So whenever I hear a noise that even resembles what it first started out has I get nervous.(Just a small consistent clank, like metal on metal, which is what it is when there’s not enough oil in the car. )
    I’ve also had a no transmission fluid in the car I was driving and had it start smoking and steaming on me. That was scary, but it was my mom’s car and dad’s responsibility at that time.

  5. Andrea Says:

    Should I point out that when I returned from France my car was in the shop? I can’t remember if it was you or Carolyn that rear ended someone.

    I liked your little Prelude, remember what a nice sister I was to loan you some money so you could buy it. Sometimes I wish I had a big sister as nice as me. You’re lucky to have me!

  6. Jonathan Blake Says:

    It was Lacey who rear-ended someone while exiting the freeway. I can’t point fingers because I’ve done the very same thing. You’re behind someone who’s turning right. They move forward, and you assume that they are going to merge into traffic. You look left to merge into traffic yourself. Perhaps you creep forward a little to get a better view or even hit the gas to get into traffic. Unfortunately, the other car is still in front of you, out of sight, because you’re focused on looking to your left. Easy mistake. At least I’d like to think so. 😉