Field Trip

Yesterday we went to the Anderson Dairy factory, where they package milk, cottage cheese and ice cream.
It was fun for the most part.
The girls got lots of ice cream, the scoop was rather big, and I only let them eat half because it was before lunch.
Lilah liked the fog that they had and the talking animals.
Afterwards we to to CiCi’s pizza where they have a pizza buffet with salad. I’ve never been but it wasn’t bad.
I was with Sam and Britta and Emily and her two daughters, Katia and Isabell, and we saw one other mom from our group with her two kids and husband, Crystal.
Afterwards we went to Goodwill where I got a new, never used, shelf for the girls room for $12. I don’t think I’d pay more than that for it, though I’m sure it was more like $20 at Target.

It was a fun day but while waiting to take the tour Eden scared me.
All the kids were playing and her and another boy ran into one another or something happened where she got knocked down. He was cute and gave her a kiss and I ran over to comfort her.
I’m not sure if she was crying at this point, but she did have a sad face on. I picked her up and I remember waiting for the loud yell of her cry. Children get so upset that they’re silent and then you get the loud cry. Well as I was waiting for it I cuddled her into me for a brief few seconds and then she pushed away from me, arched her back and I think went unconscious for a little bit.
It freaked me out because she was not her normal self and I saw her eyes gloss over.
I started to cradle her and said that something was wrong with Eden and Crystal, another mom, started saying her name to get her attention and she took her to bring her straight up.
She just lost her breath and passed out for a few seconds but it was freaky and it was the first time anything like this has happened to me.
She was fine and just wanted to cuddle and was back to her normal self by the time we went on the tour.

3 Responses to “Field Trip”

  1. Amber Says:

    That is scary! We’ve had that happen with Megan several times. It seems like when she was a toddler she would hit her head and pass out and stop breathing at least once a month. I’m glad she’s okay.

  2. Elizabeth J. Says:

    That happened with Megan not too long ago and it was pretty much the scariest thing ever for me. Although…your situation does seem to be a little different. Megan went unconscious because she wasn’t breathing while she was crying (I think she was more scared then hurt)…but it sounds like Eden got the wind knocked out of her – it must have been some bonk!!!

  3. Lacey Says:

    Elizabeth, I totally thought of you as I wrote the part about Eden.