If you were at Mervyn’s today…

Yes, I was the mom with the very loud and annoying cart.
I understand it made a terrible squeak that could entice even a sane person to want to throw it across the store in rage.
Just think how bad it would have been if you were pushing it around with a 4 year old in it and had a 2 year old slowly trailing behind?
Just be happy that I found a less annoying cart near a check out line and left the squeaky cart for the next desperate mother.
Wait, you’re the mother who got the annoyingly squeaky cart? I apologize.

Yes, I was the mom playing Marco Polo with my 2 year old who loved to hide in the clothes racks.
You see her older sister complains to no end if I have her out and walking and the younger one who knows no fear, hides in the clothes rack making each one her home if she is walking. Also if I hold the 2 year old’s hand she whines and pulls until she wiggles free.
It’s just easier to play Marco polo than to argue with them.

Yes, I was the mom who left the cart in the middle of the isle after she checked out.
You see the sea of people in line made it difficult to maneuver the cart towards a more respectable place, like the entrance, so the next costumer would be able to use it.
I usually return my cart, or in this case child stroller with a bag to put things in, to the cart area, but there are none in Mervyn’s and like I said I was just too lazy to push it through all you people waiting in line.

To an employee of Mervyn’s: My 4 year old had a stuffed puppy that she took with her under a table while I was talking with a friend. It never made it out and is still hiding in it’s new home beneath the table.
At this point I was just too tired to care about restoring it to a place within the pajamas where she found it that was also obviously not where it belonged.

One Response to “If you were at Mervyn’s today…”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    Sounds like you had a fun day!!