Wednesday was Jon’s final. As a surprise I made his lunch with just a few snacks and a note explaining that I’d be there at 11 o’clock to take him to lunch and celebrate the end of a hard semester.

Event’s that happened before Wednesday:
I had to get his managers e-mail and see if I could steal Jon for lunch, but she had two to her name, so I had to ask specifically for it and tell Jon that I just wanted it for no reason.
I also avoided setting a date for our monthly date. I kept telling him to wait until after the finals since we were already busy this weekend.
It was fun. It was also hard to keep myself from telling him that the Justice’s would be watching the girls on Wednesday and it was hard to not tell the girls. (This was the first time they’d be watched by Sis. Justice, one of Eden’s nursery leaders, and I know Lilah would have spilled the beans at some point if I told her before Wednesday.)
So I did just a little bit of scheming for our lunch date.

Well, I got Jon and we decided that we’d head to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. He had been there for a couple of working lunches, and we don’t usually go to that end of town to eat, so lunch seemed perfect to have me try the restaurant since Jon had liked it so much.

The problem.
Jon wasn’t sure what street the restaurant was on. He’d never driven there and was usually in the back seat when driven there. (I will also say that he’s not bad with remembering where places are, he’s just not very good.)
So we drove down Flamingo thinking it was there. But it wasn’t.
Then I was positive that he had told me about it and it was on Tropicana near Pecos. He was thinking DI, but since I was so sure we tried Trop.
Uh, no luck.
So we drove to DI and right before he pulled into the restaurant I immediately recognized it because it was in a neighborhood that I grew-up near and across the street from the Sav-on my brother had worked at. Also my sister rear-ended a women in front of this restaurant because she was looking in her rear view mirror making sure her friend was still following her to wherever they were going and the car ahead of her made a sudden stop because of another reckless car.
So I knew about this restaurant, but had never been.
It only took us 25 minutes to find it.

We ate a wonderful lunch. In fact neither of us ate dinner that night because we were still full.
Their lunch menu is basically in short Spanish titles so Jon was my translator and he found the English description in the regular dinner menu. I ate the good chicken or something.
It was good and not spicy, which I was very thankful for.

We enjoyed our meal and I returned Jon to work and picked the girls up.
( Luckily Jon is salary not hourly, so it wasn’t a big deal that we took an hour and forty minute lunch. They also like him since they just received truffles the day before. 🙂 )
Sis. Justice loved watching the girls and she was amazed at how well they got along with each other.
I mentioned that they don’t fight when with sitters usually and Lilah, from observing my comment, mentioned on the way home how she likes to be good at people’s house because she doesn’t like being in trouble or going to time-out.
I told her it helps mommy when her and Eden get along and don’t fight because then people like to watch them because they’re so nice.
(Lately she’s been showing pride for the days she doesn’t have to go to time-out and becoming more aware of moods. Today she asked me why I yell at her sometimes. In which I don’t yell, but I use a loud, yet stern, voice. )

It was a wonderful afternoon and I was just so happy to surprise Jon.
(Well kinda surprise him. He got the note at 10 o’clock when he went to eat his morning snack.)

I’m happy the semester is over and I think Jon will beable to apply for the Master’s program come January. We just had a couple hurdles and I think he can now move forward. I hope, though it’s all up to him.

3 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. Andrea Says:

    You make it sound like I was the reckless one. It wasn’t my fault a car in the right lane decided to make a left turn across another lane of traffic. The lady in front of me probably didn’t even need to stop. In my defense it was at night, so the brake lights kind of blend in with the tail lights. Oh, and the cop didn’t cite me for anything.

  2. Lacey Says:

    I didn’t mean it make it seem like you had been at fault.
    I just remember that she tried to sue you because she couldn’t get money from the man at fault and I remember answering the door when the guy came to the house to serve you papers.

  3. Carolyn Says:

    well Lacey next time call me I can tell you where Lindo’s is. Julie LOVES that place and we use to go monthly and bi-weekly when Naia was being made!!