One down two to go

It feels like Friday. I’ve been studying all week for my women’s class and so today feels like Friday. I took it earlier this evening and I got a 92%. I wish it was Friday because then tomorrow could be Saturday and I could relax and watch General Conference with my family. The good thing about it being Thursday is I get one more day to study. I have two test next week, one due Monday/Tuesday for English and a psy one. Plus…as always… a history posting due. I’m totally behind on those. It’s 25 % of my grade and each paper is another 25%. I figure maybe I can still get a C if I keep on top of them now and get A’s on my next two papers. We’ll see.

We got the soil mixed on Saturday for the garden. We’ll be getting plants this weekend and hopefully they’ll get planted next week. It was fun mixing the soil and feeling it between my fingers. At first I was not helping. Jon didn’t mind. I didn’t want to get dirty, so I sat and read one of my history books. Then I just couldn’t resist doing some mixing and I started to help break up compacted soil. It was fun and soon I was doing lots of mixing and helping. The three of us had fun. Luckily Eden was sleeping and the phone didn’t ring while we mixed and watered the soil. I’m excited for the garden. I’ve called it Jon’s project so far, but that’s because he’s doing all the building and painting. I look forward to the up keep and the eating. I don’t know if it’ll increase our house value or if we’ll get our monies worth of vegetables, but it definitely brings a little light into our yard and home. I’m glad I have a husband willing to work so hard.

Other then that life has been busy as usual. I think Lilah is feeling a little neglected with all the studying and my space that I’ve been doing. Two mornings she stayed and cuddled with me rather than go watch Sesame Street. I really need to give her more attention. The two of them play so well together, so I don’t always join in. I read or do computer work. Tonight she slept in and then got a late nap, so she went to bed late. (10:40) We read two, long, books to get her ready. I think it helped to give her that one on one time.

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