I wonder if I cause gas?

We have some nick names in our house.
Lilah is Lilah Bean
Eden is Eden Beeden or Miss Eden  
I call Jon Hunny Bunny.
But I don’t have a nick name. Well I use to not have a nickname…

Our conversation earlier today

Lilah: Why do you call Daddy Hunny Bunny?
Me: Well, Hunny Bunny is a nick name for Daddy.
Lilah: What’s a nick name?
Me: Well a nick name is kinda a fun name. You’re name is Lilah but we call you Lilah Bean. Daddy’s name is Jonathan but I call him Hunny Bunny. What do you think Eden’s nick name is?
Lilah: Eden Beeden. What’s you’re nickname Mommy?
Me: I don’t really have a nickname.
Lilah: Your nickname should be Mommy Bean.

Pass the Beano, apparently we’re a gassy family.

3 Responses to “I wonder if I cause gas?”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I guess that explains the smell at your house!

    jk ;o)

  2. brien Says:

    What do you eat?
    I heard cheese, broccoli and all forms of beans create smelly out gassing from their consumers. Which of these do you regularly eat? Also, asparagus creates smelly pee. Andrea says only boys smell it. But it doesn’t matter smelly is smelly even if you are not the one smelling it.

  3. Lacey Says:

    I’m confused Brien. Did you read my post? It’s all about us Blake’s being beans.(Eden got the nickname Eden Beeden because Eden Bean just didn’t sound right.)
    I know that the sweet puff cereal gives you sweet smelling pee. I wonder what asparagus and sweet puffs would do to your pee?
    I hope my house doesn’t really smell. I try to light a nice smelling candle when I know people are coming over, but that’s mostly because our disposal smells weird to me.
    Also meat and eggs cause gas. I learned that from the doctor on Oprah.
    We do eat broccoli a lot, not so much cheese now that Jon is watching his cholesterol.