Date night

Last night we went out.
We ate at Sweet Tomatoes had a great time talking and stuffing ourselves full of soup and salad.
We walked to the car and then our car wouldn’t start.
Luckily we have AAA so they got there within 15 minutes and checked out the battery. It was the battery and so he got us started.
He informed us that the battery is bad and not to turn off the car until we got it to where it needed to be because it wasn’t going to start again.
So Jon waited in the car while I got the girls from my sister and Eden stood outside their door yelling “Daddy!” while she was waiting.
It was cute.
Sure enough once we turned off the car at home, it wouldn’t start.
Jon is out getting a battery right now.

Since we wanted to do more than just have dinner we joked that one of us could sit in the car while the other went into a store or did something, but we obviously just decided to pick up the girls and go home.

Moral of the story: I love AAA.

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