Liquid band aid would be useful right about now

So as I started washing my dishes to put them in the dishwasher, yes I wash them before I wash them, I held and wash our lovely Cutco bread knife or slicer according to the website.
For whatever reason I didn’t have a tight grip on it and it slipped from my hands. As someone who knows how sharp a “bread” knife can be because we had a teenage friend who sliced her thumb with my parents bread knife and needed one or two stitches, I got my hands as far out of the way as I could and jumped back so I would not sever a toe, since I wear flip-flops around my house.
Luckily I didn’t sever anything but my left wrist was cut.


It doesn’t look too bad in the picture, maybe a paper cut, but I could see that my top layer of skin had been sliced through and had it happened just a few inches lower it could have been really detrimental. I just can’t use the full rotation of my wrist, I can’t bend it backwards basically otherwise it hurts and bleeds a little bit.
Moral of this story: hold very tightly to your Cutco knifes.

Jon’s also cut his finger when the petite carving knife was near by while he was cutting with a different knife and came down on the tip.
I pricked my finger with it yesterday while cutting up raw chicken for stir-fry.

I love the easy slicing of Cutco while I cut food, but I don’t love the easy slicing of myself.

I noticed after I took the picture that I had also cut myself right at the base of my right ring finger. Like in that crack where the fingers intercept the palm.
I wish I had liquid band aid for these odd spots, especially since I need to do dishes. This morning the girls used baby spoons and I used one of their spoons.

In light of taking it easy so my wounds might close up well enough that I can do dishes this afternoon I thought I’d post random pictures we’ve taken.

A while back while looking for his shoe polish Jon went through an old box of stuff that was his. We found his eye glasses that he wore directly after his mission, 11 years ago, and a pioneer hat that we got at some pioneer day event when Lilah was a youngun.
Of course Jon put both the glasses and the hat on her.
Isn’t she adorable.

Then I had the pleasure of watching Naia on the 14th. While here Lilah made a lovely toy trail for her to follow, since she now crawls.


She never did get to the toy pig.

Lastly, while I was reading or cuddling with Lilah our feet got warm and we poked them out of our blanket. Jon thought it was cute and took this picture.


So there are my random pictures.
Have a happy day.

One Response to “Liquid band aid would be useful right about now”

  1. Amber @ Soggy Cheerios Says:

    You don’t need liquid band-aid, you just need superglue! I superglue my cuts all the time and it works fabulously.

    That is a cute picture!