Second Sunday

Sunday was our second Sunday in our new ward.

Eden has been sick so we decided to not take her to nursery. We all went to the ward party the night before since she wouldn’t be playing with people or toys that would kept her germs, but Sunday she came into us with a fever so even Jon had to postpone his plans of going to the local Unitarian church. (Since she wouldn’t be playing with kids we thought it would be fine if they just went together and she only had a runny nose and cough until the fever came on Sunday. )

Lilah and I got to church a little late and the chapel was packed, and for some reason they weren’t opening the overflow. Lilah was pretty well behaved, but she suddenly got tired at the end of sacrament meeting.
I took her to Primary and waited for her teacher to get there.

And I waited.

One of the boys in her class is pretty, uh, busy so the Primary President asked if I would sit with the class since I was waiting in case a substitute came that Lilah didn’t know or hadn’t met which is very likely in this case.

No one came.

Sister Pooler, the President, voiced her concern and later asked if I would teach the class.
Sure why not.

So I looked through the lesson and prepared with what materials I could get.
Lilah was excited to have me as her teacher and the other kids were very nice.

The class went fast and I finished very early. I tried to sing songs but I just didn’t know what to do with these kids.
We’d colored, sang and even ate a few crackers I had for Lilah.
So we got to closing exercises five minutes early and sat in the back.
Lilah wanted to sit on my lap. “No one will get jealous.” is what she told me, but I insisted that she didn’t.
The boy who I explained as being busy before was very touchy and lovey.
He sat next to me and wanted to constantly hug me if they weren’t singing or lay his head on my lap and eventually he was trying to kiss my cheek or hand, or anything he could get his lips on.
I kept telling him no, but I’m pretty sure he has some sort of slight mental disability and was very persistent.
I was fine with him, but was mostly curving the behavior because it’s inappropriate to me, especially at church during Primary and towards a person you just met.
(When I was going to class the Presidency told me they could come and get him if he became a problem, but he was OK in class. I just had to give him periodic hugs.)

So I have yet to attend Sunday school. I’m not even sure what room it’s in.

I did met the woman who sat in front of us during Sacrament. Her son, about 6-8 months old, would smile at us and loved Lilah’s bow. Her husband, the first counselor in Elders Quorum, spoke and she had a hard time keeping their son quiet. He was noisy when he was happy and noisy when he was sad. They look like a cute family, and it reminded me how grateful I am for girls that are quiet.

Maybe I’ll get to go to Sunday school this week.

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