Three times the charm

So Lilah is sick today.
She has a fever.
Go figure.
I could have gone to church, but for whatever reason I felt I should be home today. (I guess it was the fact that Lilah wanted to stay and cuddle in bed with me rather than watch TV and I wanted to stay and cuddle with her rather than get up.)
I’m letting Jon visit the Unitarian Church today.
It just seems easier to have it happen on a day where I don’t have to explain why my husband isn’t at church with me and my two daughters, though I wouldn’t of had either of my daughters with me today and he if he likes the church I’ll probably have to say it eventually since he’ll be going at least once a month.
Eden is not sick, but she still has a horrible sounding cough and since Lilah is sick and it just happened last night, I felt that she’d be likely to spread her sisters germs.

How many Sundays till you’re considered inactive?

2 Responses to “Three times the charm”

  1. andrea Says:

    When you go at only one Sunday a month I think you are officially considered less-active. If you go twice a month you are active.

    I guess that makes those of us who go every week overachievers.

  2. nice niece Says:

    We’re asking ourselves the same question. In light of our recent struggles, we’ve only made it to church twice in this new year. 2 out of 5 Sundays…I think that’s called less-active. 🙂