Job Promotion

We have heard and it has been finalized… Well as finalized as it gets until he signs the papers in July. Jon is getting a job promotion!! Essentially it is a new job but he still will be working somewhat with DARS at UNLV. It won’t be happening until July, that is when they renew all the job contracts. I’m just so excited!! We’ve known about the possibility of this job for a while, like 5-6 months, but with the university system it takes forever, so we’ve been playing the waiting game. A couple months back his supervisor, Cem (pronounced Jim), told him that he had submitted the paperwork of the job description to HR, and so it was more waiting. I’ve been so eager about it that in the last two months anytime that Jon called I was hoping it was news that he was getting the new job, which includes a nice raise. We’re doing okay, it’s just we can’t afford a second car, or a third child, not without cutting back greatly in other areas. We don’t have a lot of needless expenses, so it would be hard if we had a third child and needed a new car on this income, one that could fit two car seats and a booster. So now we can afford a second car and a third child, and even a fourth, but we’ll take it one pregnancy at a time, and one year at a time. I don’t plan on getting pregnant anytime soon, but the fall is when we would be discussing, and praying, about whether we should have another child. Granted it all is in Heavenly Father’s hands, but we like to consult him.

Anyways. Today he called at 5:45…. the time he usually gets home, saying he would be late, obviously, but he would be making a stop at Home depot to check something out. He also said that he had some interesting news to tell me. I said to tell me over the phone, but he said it should be in person. I said it better be about the job, otherwise you’re going to have a very upset wife. It was, as you already know.
Jon is a great provider. I consider the job he has right now a blessing. It’s helped us both to continue school, have Eden (well afford to have her), buy a house, and have me at home with our girls the whole time. With this new raise we can afford the insurance on the old 81 Chevy Caprice his parents want to give us, it’s their old car. Granted we could buy a newer car, but this way we can pay off the high interest mortgage we have more quickly and gain equity in our home without losing it to all the interest we’d be paying. (We did a no money down, so it’s split into two mortgages, one larger amount of money at a regular rate and one smaller amount of money at a higher rate interest. ) Anyways, it lifts a burden in our budget and will help with our quality of life. Anyways I’m so excited. Cem thought Jon’s talents were being wasted in what he’s doing now, so that’s why he recommended Jon for this position that was being created. Jon’s a good worker and I’m so proud of him. I hope this new job opens even more doors for him and our family. We like state jobs because they’re more stable. Granted they don’t pay as much the corporate world, but I’d rather have stability than a few years of a great job and high income, followed by who knows how long of underemployment, or unemployment. Granted state jobs don’t guarantee anything, but they make life a little more secure. I just know Heavenly Father watches over us and has blessed us greatly. This is just another great blessing to the ones we already have.

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  1. Amber Says:

    YAY!!! Good job being a hard worker Jon!!