Valentine’s Day

Tuesday we made truffles at the Jewitt’s.
Wednesday we made muddy buddies to give to the girl’s classmates and printed off Valentines for the girls to give away.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day.
I had to teach Lilah’s class. I wanted to send her away with all her whining. (She is so needy when I’m around. Later she said she didn’t like that the other kids needed me too.)
So my morning was pretty stressful. Lilah did become her normal none whiny self for the second half of class and was able to enjoy handing out Valentine’s to her classmates.

So after class we came home and ate lunch.
Then we baked a red velvet cake.
Then I put Eden down for her nap and I was tired and Lilah has been extra whiny lately, for the past week, so I tried to have her take a nap. Instead she lied there stroking my arm, keeping me a little awake, which was kinda good because I was too asleep to hear the timer on the cake and she was the one who told me it went off.

My sister called and since Lilah wasn’t falling asleep, I let her stay up and help make frosting and watch me frost the cake.
I talked for a while with my sister so my floors didn’t get mopped, oh well, and I just made a wonderful dinner of black bean enchiladas and we had some hummus on that side that I had bought last week.

Jon got some candles out so we had dinner by candlelight.

The red velvet cake was fun, since it’s red, but it’s not our favorite.
The girls loved making it though.

Then I found a note from Jon.

We played a little and put the girls to bed.

More on accident than on purpose we had Hitch from Netflix and Jon fell asleep while I watched it. He did wake up for the ending though.

Valentine’s day usually turns into my day to do stuff for Jon and the girls and we keep it pretty low key.
Our anniversary ends up being his day to do things for me.  (I can’t wait, especially since it’s on a Saturday this year so we’ll have the whole day together.)

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