Our Holiday

Yesterday was President’s Day so Jon was at home with us.

He made pancakes for breakfast and after doing the dishes he reached under the sink for the detergent and realized we had a leak.

I called my dad for some advice. I also e-mailed him this picture.

In the end we changed the on/ off valve but it is still leaking, just at a slower pace. It appears to be part of the pipe, or that back bolt which is very rusted.

For now we have a bucket catching the falling drops of water until we figure out what plumber we want to call.

Plumbers are so expensive, so I’m not really wanting to call. But I hope it is something that can easily be fix, and not something like the pipe needing to be ripped out of the wall and redone.


So after Jon fixed the pipe the girls were hanging out outside.
I went to check on them and realized a glass jar that Lilah had filled weeks ago with water and dirt had been broken.

We cleaned up the glass and since our sidewalk on the side of the house was horrendous I trimmed the bushes picked up the shingles, trash, and pine needles that had blown into that area and swept it so it’s now easily passable.

I then needed a shower but since I needed to clean the tub I did and then took my shower.
Jon was taking care of the girls, folding clothes and reading. I think he also may have unloaded the dishwasher.

In taking care of the girls I mean:
– Putting Eden down for a nap in only a diaper. (Her clothes were dirty so he took them off, he just didn’t replace them with anything. He did change her diaper though. )
– Letting Eden get up from her non-existent nap even though she’d been awake since 6:30 am. To his credit she was laying down for about 45 minutes. ( He is such a softy when it comes to letting the girls stay awake.)
– Letting the girls watch Mulan, which is why Eden came out from her nap. And yes, Eden was still naked when I finished cleaning and taking my shower.

Later in the evening I made a delicious dinner of salmon burgers, garlic potatoes, and fresh steamed green beans that were cooked to perfection according to Jon. (I also made the dinner because we had cereal for dinner two nights in a row. Partially because we didn’t have something easy like pizza to bake and he let me take late naps until it was dinner time and Jon really just makes breakfast and bread.)

And after dinner Jon did the dishes once more.

He’s such a sweetheart.

One Response to “Our Holiday”

  1. andrea Says:

    Why don’t you just make the pizza? That’s what we did yesterday and it was divine. (We even added some flax seed to the crust for added nutrition.)