A day in the life of my family

Saturday was a fun day. Jon got nice and dusty working outside, then we all went to Plantworld Nursery to pick up sod. It turns out you have to order it, and the order has to be at least 500 square feet. We only need 200 square feet, so we passed.
They have great surroundings there. They have tortoises, exotic birds and a big waterfall with turtles. I only got a picture of the tortoise though.

This is an above picture of Eden holding here blanket. We put it over her to shade her, but….

she likes to lift it up and peak out.

We stopped by Jon’s parents house to get some plugs of grass. Hopefully by next summer we have a full yard. We got home in time for Lilah to take a nap. I went shopping while my whole family slept . I guess we needed food though.
Later that night we went to Chuck E’ Cheese with Carolyn, Julie, Howard, Howie and Kaitlyn. Carolyn is such a nice aunt to treat our family to overpriced family fun. 🙂 We love her, and Lilah did not want to leave, she was having such a blast. Next time I think we’ll skip the soda though because she was hard to put to bed when we got home.

Lilah enjoying pizza

Me, Eden, and Julie

Lilah, Jon, and Carolyn. (Jon’s laughing because Carolyn made the statement that maybe she would look like me, and people would get confused.)

Julie, Lilah, and Carolyn

Lilah being a daredevil and going down forwards. She informed me that Kaitlyn taught her to go down this way.

We got home nice and late.
This weekend was crazy. Lilah was literally wearing her only clean and dry pants when we left for plant world. I’ve been neglecting the laundry. Now we have laundry in various holding places around the house, since we only have one laundry basket. I have 2 kid loads, 1 towel load, and 1 white load of clothes to fold. I need to be a better housekeeper. It’s just tough. I took an English test Friday, and I have a paper due this Friday for History. I wish I could just have some time to myself…. but I guess I used it spending time with family this weekend….which is fun too.

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