Jon took Yesterday off. We had dentist appointments in the afternoon and he has tons of vacation time since we hardly use it.
We took his car into the mechanic in the morning. The AC appeared to not be working and we’ve had an oil leak that has progressively gotten worse.

Well the AC actually does work it’s the knob that’s broken, which isn’t too surprising to me and they fix the gasket that was leaking.
Since they don’t keep 94 Subaru Impreza AC knobs handy they’re ordering it and we’ve decided we’d just bring the car back in for that.
So instead of blowing all hot air, it now blows all cold air, and it’s really not warm outside.

After we dropped our car off in the morning we went to Costco to buy nuts. I forgot to get almonds for Jon earlier this month and he wanted to also price walnuts, two things he uses in his daily nut mix for his snack at work.

We found the almonds and the walnuts, but we also found a no salt seasoning Andrea told me about, dresses for the girls and a CD of all the Beatles #1 hits.

We did stop at that, though had I gone alone I would have just bought nuts, because we have a tendency to approve things for one another when we’re together at the store.

So we get back to the car and I smelled something.
It was odd to me because I noticed this smell in Costco  and now it was also in my car! It reminded me of a strawberry scented car freshener. I asked Jon if he smelt it too and he did.
So while I then drove us to the jewelry store for my semi-annual ring check I realized what the smell was.

My new deodorant.
Apparently Secret Platinum botanical silk smells like strawberry air freshener when mix with my sweat.

After the ring check we headed home for lunch.
After lunch I dropped Jon and the girls at his parents house, which is only five minutes away from our dentist, and I went to get some cavities filled.

After that I then stayed at his parents house while he went to have his semi annual check up.

The girls had fun at the Blake’s and Lilah did this foam floor puzzle they have for about an hour and a half, just taking it apart and putting it together again a couple times.

Our Subaru was ready to be picked up after Jon’s appointment so we went straight there to get it and then home.

We had no silverware or dishes so I then went to Quizno’s for dinner. Soup sounded so good and hot sandwiches seemed appropriate for last nights chill.

Now today, Thursday, Lilah’s class is canceled because all the other five kids are sick or have a sibling that is sick.

The girls are playing nicely together, something that started earlier this week. But they are making a huge mess. Something I just got upset about.  Lilah says she’s tired whenever I tell her them clean up. I’m now going to try to enforce a one toy rule. They each get one toy and once that toy is put away they may get another.  Lilah uses the tired excuse a lot and I’m tired of hearing it.

I have things I need to do around the house, like mopping the floors and dishes, but I don’t want to get sweaty while mopping the floor since I’ve already taken a shower and dishes just aren’t appealing.

I feel like I should go take the girls somewhere fun, but it’s a little chilly outside and I’m a wimp. Plus we need to get a gift for Lilah’s friend who’s having a party on Saturday, if she’s felling all better.
Maybe we’ll go shopping and to the Library.

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