The Norm

I’ve been trying to think of what we’ve been up to. Not much outta the norm really.
We had Lilah’s preschool class on Thursday and both girls have runny noses today, though Eden’s been dealing with it since Tuesday off and on.

Wednesday we had a North and South marathon with the Jewitt’s. Beth’s not one to sit still, let alone sit still for 4 hours, but she did a good job and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. She wanted to watch it again later that night.

Today I went to Target by myself. I desperately want to get Lilah into a booster seat. I don’t have any good reasons but I do have a few mediocre ones.

First, the car seat we have is a pain to adjust straps, you have to unlatch it from the car and do it from the back, a total pain when they stop wearing coats and begin swimming in the extra space at Springtime.
Second, we got it from my parents so it’s had some good wear and tear on it and the straps are always weird.
Third, I’d like to have a seat for Jon’s car so I can always drive mine. (The one with both girls gets the Toyota in case of an emergency since the Subaru has only one car seat.)
Lastly, it’s easier to take a booster seat out to let friends or family take Lilah than to unlatch a car seat.

I didn’t buy one because Lilah’s in an awkward stage of growth and even though she’s large enough for a booster with a back I think laws want her to be 40 pounds and that she is not.

So instead of spending lots of money on a booster I spent money on clothes for the girls and sunglasses.

I love and hate buying clothes. I just love to buy them but I hate how much it costs to buy a new wardrobe each season.

Katy and Lilah are close enough in sizes that I can’t borrow clothes as easily so I’m stuck buying Lilah a new wardrobe as she gets bigger and then Adrienne and Eden are also close enough in size that I can’t borrow for her and I buy to supplement what Lilah had.

Lilah really wore out a lot of her 3T’s so I bought Eden one new outfit so she has something that’s new for her and not too worn. I bought Lilah pajama’s and one outfit then I bought the sunglasses for an Easter gift. We’re planning on being outdoors more this summer so I figure sunglasses would be fun. By we I mean Jon wants to buy a family pass to the Spring preserve and take the girls there often, and he wants to do some camping and hiking this summer at the Grand Canyon.

I of course hate the sun, getting sweaty, and anything that includes dirt. 🙂

I am enjoying the warm weather. I ventured to try on a pair of shorts and since I’ve gained a few pounds they are a little tight. (Thankfully they’re made from a stretchy material.) I’m thinking of losing weight but we still have half of a Costco sized box of Oreo’s and today I just bought 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. ( I admit I heard someone on another blog talk about Girl Scout cookies and I went to the store today specifically to buy some, plus cereal since we’re almost out, but that was just a good excuse to go so I could buy Girl Scout cookies. I bought Peanut Butter Patties, Caramel deLights, and Lemonades which are delicious if you like lemon flavored sweets. I think they’re my favorite cookie excluding ones that have chocolate, peanut butter, or caramel in them. )

So I’m thinking I need to exercise a little (I say a little because I don’t exercise at all.), eat less and drink more water. I bought a scale today and I’m not as heavy as I feel, but I do want to fit into my summer clothes and look nice as the weather warms.

First I think I’ll grab a Peanut Butter Pattie.

3 Responses to “The Norm”

  1. Elizabeth J. Says:

    Oh my gosh your post reminded me that I too ordered girl scout cookies from my niece! WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!! I better let Adam get the mail until they come…otherwise…he’ll never see them…

  2. andrea Says:

    Not to knock the Springs Preserve, but isn’t it a tad expensive? I remember Brien repeating to me part of what they said about it on NPR. Have you been there to know if it’s worth it?

  3. Lacey Says:

    We’re planning on going there to see the hikes and what not, since those are free, and we’re going to see if there’s anything we want in the area we would need to pay for.