almost done

The semester is almost over. I have a paper to write this weekend, and tons of studying to do. I have 9 lectures to watch. (four for English and five for my women’s class). To much reading to document. I have three finals on Tuesday, but luckily the English one is open Tuesday-Wednesday, otherwise I would be going crazy. I’m acquiring info for my paper and I hope to have it mostly written tomorrow.
We have two blessings to attend on Sunday. One is at 9 and the other 11. So hopefully we can still get home at a descent time and I can get more studying done. There may be a luncheon, but I’m not sure yet.
I’m happy because I’ve done alright in all my classes. I expect a B average this semester, which isn’t bad, though I’ve done better. I think I just want the semester to be over, so I can have the summer to do all the many things I’ve neglected, including spending time with my kids. Eden pulls herself up on anything she can. She’s gotten more balance, but it’s still nerve racking to find her standing next to things holding on for dear life. I think she’ll be walking by her first birthday, if not very close. Lilah took her sweet time. I partially wish Eden did so my life would be easier, but I’m also happy to see her grow.

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