Lazy weekend

This past Saturday we had to ourselves, meaning no prior engagements and we could hang around the house letting the other parent take care of girls, which means Jon took care of the girls so they planted seeds and got really dirty, then ran in the ‘fireworks’ sprinkler as Lilah calls it.






It was fun, but we didn’t do much of anything, which is sometimes nice, especially since I’m gonna be busy with Lilah’s class and making truffles for the next couple weeks. (I teach for the following two weeks.)

Sunday we decided to visit Jon’s parents. We haven’t seen his dad in forever, we’ve seen his mom while we’ve been at Rawlin’s but he always stays home because he’d be more trouble there than help.
Their church gets out at 2:30 and ours gets out at noon, so we came home for lunch and to hang around. We decided to skip Eden’s nap and go over in the afternoon.

We barely saw Jason before his bus came, but all he cares is that he saw us.
At one point Jon, Grandma, and the girls went outside to look at the tulips. It was a windy day with a slight chill in the air, though I’m sure 60 degrees would be warm to those in colder climates, but I’m wimp once it hits 75 here. I stayed inside to stay warm, but they lingered outside and soon my FIL wandered outside also. I was able to talk to Dara, who mostly spoke about death. I think she’s a little obsessed right now. I followed later and the girls were having a blast with the rope swing. They eventually wandered back inside and then Dara’s bus came.
We took the family photo albums so we can scan the photo’s and put them on disk for family, and when I say we I mean Jon.

We got home around 6:30 and Eden fell asleep on the couch while I was cooking some dinner. I guess she still needs naps, which makes me happy ’cause that means she’s not too big just yet. Lilah ate with us and then starting falling asleep on the couch around 8 while watching a movie she borrowed from Grandma Blake.

Lazy weekends are great.

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  1. Elizabeth J. Says:

    That video of Eden is so fun!