Stay clean

I swept and mopped my floors on Monday so they would be nice as I do a ton of things this week.

Well, it’s Thursday and they’re dirty!

I don’t understand why things can’t just stay clean for like a week before getting dirty again.

So, before I start making the center mixture for the 350 truffles I’m making, it sounds like a lot to everyone except my friend Amber who catered and made the cake for her sisters wedding recently, I have to do dishes, though I’ve done them at least three times this week, wipe off counters and sweep, though I think it was Monday that I last swept.

Then tonight I think we’re going to plant some plants in our front dirt spot. (You’ll understand why I call it a spot when I post pictures later.) We bought the plants Monday for FHE and I was so grumpy. Little girls running around playing in water fountains is not my idea of fun when in a public store. Plus I was tired and hadn’t had a nap.

I’m gonna try to be more laid back as they plant and get dirty tonight.

For now I’m gonna go clean, again, and cause myself some trouble as I begin my truffle making experiment on a large scale.

4 Responses to “Stay clean”

  1. Amber Says:

    My plan is to give my kids jobs in the ‘family business’. If I’m getting paid then you can get paid to help. First things they can learn to do? Dishes and floors. I swear cooking for lots makes huge floor and dish messes. I”m currently working on three different cookies and 100 triple layer brownies. 😉

    So what are the truffles for?

  2. andrea Says:

    Remember that Amber had lots of helpers as she finished the food for her sister’s wedding. I look forward to eating your truffles.

  3. Bethany Blackham Says:

    I feel the same way!! My house was perfectly clean last night, dishes done, laundry folded but today it looks like I have to start from the top all over again! Arggg, I wish I had powers to snap my fingers and it was done, then I could get back to my scrapping!!

    I found yours and Andrea’s blogs a while ago but yours wouldn’t let me post back then! Sorry it took me awhile to get back. Glad to see your doing good, your girls are adorable.

  4. Lacey Says:

    I’m making the truffles for my cousin’s wedding for part of their parting gift.

    It’s my experiment to how long it takes me to make them on a large scale because I’m thinking of marketing to the wedding market.
    Hand-made truffles specifically made to the brides wedding colors and packaged, or not packaged if they want to do the work and save an little money, to their liking.

    I’m just thinking about it.

    And Hey Bethany! I saw your blog on Andrea’s side bar and I visit every so often, though I think I have you on my bloglines, if not I’ll add you. 🙂