Things I learned while making truffles:

1. It’s easier to shape them when the truffle centers are harder, or more set. If they’re too soft they’re even more lopsided, but it hurts your hand to scope the harder center over and over and over and over again.

2. Chocolate that has had coloring added looks funny after it’s hardened and been remelted, but not funny enough to not keep the chocolates that had it drizzled on them from being used.

3. Adding a silver accent is so hard and frustrating. It runs second time melted colored chocolate, though not enough to still not use the chocolates. (It’s not too noticeable but to me it’s annoying.) (My silver accent is silver dust for fondant frosting applied with clear vanilla, opposed to the also recommended lemon juice or vodka.)

4. Making truffles for nearly 4 days straight is tiring even when you take Sunday to rest and have only done it for three of the four days.

5. Bagging each truffle individually and tying small bows is very tiring and adds like 2 hours to every 100 truffles, if not more time

6. To get a nice looking base trim the chocolate off by turning the truffle while you hold the knife stationary. That way you’re not doing chops or straight lines because you’re trying not to touch the navy blue drizzles.

7. Drizzled colored chocolate melts when touched with anything that has warm blood and then leaves colored spots on your white truffles when you touch them.

8. Trim the excess chocolate when they are plain truffles.

9. Truffles are fun to make and go all out on one day, maybe twice a year.

10. I don’t want to make truffles on a large scale to sell. It’s too much work.

I’ll post pictures later. I’m just to tired. On an up note I bought a new outfit today and it makes me happy.

Also we got caterpillars last Monday and four out of the five went into the pupa stage today, or made their chrysalis’ and it is so cool to watch. I think the 5th caterpillar is about 2 days behind in growth and will soon join the crowd. I’m also planning on posting pictures of that later.

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  1. Amber Says:

    It is a lot of work. I’m excited for pictures.