Kids are funny

Today was my second week to teach Lilah’s class. Thankfully I’ll have the next four weeks off and hopefully I”ll be able to finish my drapes.

One of the girls in Lilah’s class is small and her pants never really fit her. It’s pretty typical to remind her to pull them up because you see a little bum crack.

Today was no different.

Her little bum kept peeking out and we constantly reminded her to pull up her pants. At one point the mom assisting me, who is not her mom, went to pull up her pants and underwear, since they seemed to be riding low, and she discovered the little girl was not wearing any underwear!!

It was too funny.

Later in the class they were crawling around being caterpillars for charades and she was full on mooning us. Luckily none of the other kids were behind her.

Then later in the class I had the kids playing with scarves for a butterfly song. They first just have the scarf on there back while they crawl around and then they jump up and run around flapping the scarf like wings later.

After one of the crawling session I noticed that the girls pants were just above her knees and the only thing keeping her descent was the scarf that hid her nakedness. She didn’t seem to notice too much either.

It really was too funny.

One Response to “Kids are funny”

  1. Bethany (North) Blackham Says:

    Oh too funny because we have a little girl in my son’s class that can’t keep her pants up either, 2 weeks ago I was picking up trevin an her mom was the teacher,she ran outside and bent over to lookat the grass and fully mooned us, her mom was embarassed and at a loss for how to keep them up, she is just so little. I offered advice from a friend who has the same problem. Her grandma stitches two pieces of elastic in the side of her jeans to help gather them in a bit more and one in the middle of the back of the jeans if needed, works great!