Busy, busy.

So I have lots of pictures on my camera, some of caterpillars, some if a wedding, some of butterflies, but I’ve been to busy to do anything with them.

I’ll recap on our trip when I do that post, maybe by the end of the week, but for now I’ll tell you why I’ve been busy, or not at home.

Monday Lilah had a birthday party. It was for one of her classmates, Isaak, and the girls had a blast. I took Eden along because one, she loves birthday parties two, she’s too little to understand why she can’t go to her sister’s friends parties and three, she was invited and had Jon not been home she would have been there anyways. Jon had until today, or Wednesday, off so I almost left Eden with him, but since I had to babysit for Kristi so she could take her scouts to the recycling pant Monday afternoon, I thought I’d give some time to my hubby for him to be by himself.

So it was a birthday party in the morning and then babysitting for 4 hours in the afternoon.

Tuesday we took Jon’s car in to the mechanic. His brakes were making bad grinding noises and it turns out were metal to metal, why they didn’t catch this two months ago I’m not sure and makes me a little suspicious, but we still like our mechanic or at least the owner.

After the car was dropped off we headed to my parents to drop off a couple things to be shipped to Andrea because I forgot them this weekend. (I do have the Wonder Woman cake pan now Shauntae so you mush visit me within the next year at least. 🙂 ) We ate lunch and then dropped my dad off at Kristi’s so he could get his truck back. Then off to Kohl’s, my favorite store to shop at for me. We found Jon some shirts to beef up his wardrobe and a belt. It’s been over a year since we’ve bought him clothes, so he badly needed some new shirts to help out his depleting wardrobe. It was fun for me and the girls were OK.

Then we went to JoAnn’s because it’s sale time! I found a pattern I liked for a skirt, $.99, and the pattern I wanted for the girls was gone. 🙁 So I bought my pattern and went to look for Jon and the girls at Petco which is next door, since I thought that might be a fun distraction. They didn’t have any dogs or cats, but plenty of birds, lizards and other things.

Jon is softening to the girls plea for a pet. I’m still a firm no. A hermit crab and gold fish are much as I’ll allow because I can’t stand smelly pets, like, birds, rats, dogs, cats and practically any animal. Plus some caged animals are high maintenance, like iguana’s, which can get huge, and I’m against that also.

I’m just not a pet person.
If we had a spot to put a litter box I might say yes to a cat that doesn’t shed too much, but that’s even a hard sell for me.
I liked my SIL’s Yorkie, but they spent $800 to buy her and that was at half the normal price, so I think even a small dog that doesn’t shed is out since I’d rather have certain home improvements than a pet.

We came home after JoAnn’s but I was still to tired to do pictures. Not to mention I had things around the house that needed to be done and Lilah’s gymnastics class that evening.

Today, or Wednesday, I watched Britta while Sam taught her dance classes this morning. We had to pick up Jon’s car so Sam left the car seat and we piled the three girls in the back of mine. They all fit wonderfully and had fun “giving” each other different flavored ice creams. It started out nice, like peppermint and chocolate and then progressively got worst, like feet and dirty trashcan gum.

Mmm, mmm good.

After paying a lot for four new brakes Jon took Eden to Sunflower Market and I got gas in my car and went to the JoAnn’s by me that is less traveled since it’s so small. ( I was not going to go with three girls.)

I got in trouble because I let Britta and Lilah run around but, I found the pattern I wanted to make dresses for the girls and an apron pattern I liked, both were for $.99 each. I also found fabric the other JoAnn’s didn’t have and got a great deal on everything. Now I just need to finish my drapes so I can make the cute summer dresses for the girls before the summer is over.

Sam got Britta and we had lunch and then I had a stomach ache all afternoon. Literally all afternoon and into the evening. Thankfully Jon was here so I could refer the girls to him, but sadly he goes back to work tomorrow.

I really want to post pictures but the thought of editing is too daunting of a task, especially since I still have travel laundry to do, receipts to check from February, so I also have March and April receipts, and house cleaning to do.

I think they should make one of those vacuum robots that just goes around your house, but one that sweeps and mops for you and instantly dries your floor at the same time.

I’d totally buy one of those.

5 Responses to “Busy, busy.”

  1. nice niece Says:

    I’m so there this coming fall! A Wonder Woman cake for my 30th birthday, yay!!!

  2. Carolyn Says:

    They have the roomba & scuba. One is the sweeper the other is the mopper. They are little robots. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………..someone does have a birthday coming up.

  3. Lacey Says:

    I knew about the Roomba but not the Scooba.

    They are dang expensive considering we have a $60 vacuum, but if I didn’t have to mop I think the Scooba might be worth it.

  4. andrea Says:

    I didn’t know you wanted to keep the cake pan for so long! What if I need that particular superhero (as opposed to one of the other superheroes I own).

  5. Lacey Says:

    If you need it before I see my niece I will let you have it back, but is there a reason you need it before October?

    I was wanting in case I saw her at the family reunion, but I’m not sure if that’s gonna happen.