Day One

Well we started potty training Eden today.

I had her in pull-ups for a couple of reasons:
1. She’s only used the toilet once.
2. I didn’t want to get too frustrated on the first day.

We made her sign to put her stickers on to keep track of how often she goes each day last night. We also put her first pull-up on last night.

Jon’s in charge of her for when she first wakes up, because he’s up and I’m not.

She had a wet pull-up. Oh well.

The day progressed and she sat on the toilet several times, but no pee or poop.

Then she ran up to me later in the morning.

“I went pee Mommy.”

It was in the pull-up, but I was happy that she recognized that she went pee.

Later in the day, I smelled a poopy diaper. I’m thinking  that part might take a while.

Then nap time and she awoke with a wet diaper.

The day appears to be getting more expensive as it progresses.

I think I changed another pull-up in the evening and then the moment of glory.

We were watching Dancing With the Stars and off Eden goes. Jon noticed it was too the bathroom and he heard the pee.


She was so happy to go pee in the toilet that she forgot to wipe, so we told her to wipe but she just stuck a piece of toilet paper in the toilet.  It was cute.

We were all cheering for her and all of us were in the bathroom for the first sticker.

I asked if she wanted to call and tell someone that she had gone in the toilet and she said Carolyn, so we called and left a message with her, and then called my parents , but left a message there too. (Where is everyone when you need them to be excited for you child?)
Carolyn called back shortly and was happy for our girl.

I’m going to continue to use pull-ups till she gets that poop goes in the toilet, unless it seems like she uses the pull-ups just because she can.

The day I think went much better because she was in pull-ups and  not just underwear because I hate cleaning up messes and it gets me stressed. I want to ease into this and give her, and myself, a little more confidence then I can deal with pee on my floor daily.

I think the first day ended well.

3 Responses to “Day One”

  1. nice niece Says:

    Hooray for Eden! And I say, do what makes you happy, including pull-ups. 🙂

  2. andrea Says:

    Good job! (Does she normally wake up dry after her nap?)

  3. Lacey Says:

    It’s a hit and miss lately if she’s dry after any sleep.

    Today she went twice in the potty, so hopefully this trend continues.