No thanks!

Right after Jon came home the phone rang. The caller id said United States Government, which I was gonna let ring, but it intrigued him enough that he answered it.

It was for me.

The man introduced himself, I think, and said he was with the Army. He asked if I had graduated college within the last year, I said yes, even though it’s been over a year, but I am graduated so within the year doesn’t matter because college is a big reason why people join the military.

He asked what I did. I said I stayed home and took care of my children.

He asked if I wanted to work and said that the Army could offer me great opportunities. I said I didn’t need to work because my husband supported me.

He asked once more so I then said I didn’t want to join and hung up.

Firstly it was just funny to me that he asked if I wanted to work after I stated I stayed home.

Uh, no!

I refrained myself from telling him what a jerk he would be to ask a mother to join the Army at a time of war and how I oppose women being put into hostile territory, especially mothers. (Not that fathers are any less important, but I am slightly sexist when it comes to war. Though I think women in the military is fine.)

It was a funny call, despite my negative feelings at the end.

One Response to “No thanks!”

  1. nice niece Says:

    I’m totally sexist about the war too. 🙂