So much to do. So little motivation.

Right now my house consist of a lot of little messes, with a few big ones here and there.

I have tons of organizing I need to do. Like putting away the girls and my winter clothes, weeding out clothing we don’t wear and in general getting my pile of DI to DI or to my sister for their charity yard sale for her work.

I have papers to file, things to dust, a kitchen to clean, not to mention mopping the floors.

I did get our bathrooms cleaned, but not much else, today.

Thankfully Jon is supportive of my strange cleaning habits. Like I cleaned our food storage cabinets and microwave area and inside the microwave earlier this week, even though it wasn’t to bad but had been cluttered and needing some attention for months, while the rest of my house was a disaster.

He tells me to not get overwhelmed and be happy in my accomplishments. If I feel like cleaning the microwave, when there is clutter everywhere else and only we see inside our microwave, be happy it got done.

I cleaned that area because I felt the urge but more importantly felt that I could get it done in one day. Where as everything else that needs to be done will take a few days to a week, but that’s after I get everything done.

I suppose I just feel a little overwhelmed in our house. We have a lot of things in a small space plus four human beings who make new messes everyday. Everything kinda has a place, even if it looks like it’s not suppose to be there. I put it there because I have no idea what to do with it.

I also get overwhelmed with cleaning and getting rid of things. I get rid of stuff and then I get rid of more stuff and I find it amazing that I can always find something we don’t need, even though I just went through that exact stuff 6 months earlier.

I have some things I should get rid of but don’t, so those 6 months help me see how dumb it is to hold onto things I don’t use.

Spring cleaning.
Ain’t it grand.

One Response to “So much to do. So little motivation.”

  1. andrea Says:

    I should be cleaning right now. The in-laws are coming over today.