Eden’s record

Eden’s surpassed her pee in the toilet record.

She peed three times in the toilet today.

Yes, so exciting I know.

She’s yet to poop in the toilet though and I’m pretty sure that the poop will be our biggest hurdle. She likes to tell me she’s pooped, but it’s always after the fact. I think I may have also ruined it because I’ve gotten mad at her for removing her poopy pull-ups and trying to go poop in the toilet after she’s pooped in the pull-up. Not so much mad but impatient. She usually uses the toilet after she’s gone pee, though nothing comes out and I’m sure that’s where the idea hatched.

I just hoped I don’t have to wash out too many poopy panties during this. I don’t know which is worst. Pee on carpet or poop in panties. They’re both so gross, though the panties get clean a lot easier.

On an up note Lilah has been a wonderful cheerleader for Eden. If Lilah’s there she starts singing our little song for Eden, (Eden went pee pee in the potty. Eden went pee pee in the potty.)  and encourages Eden and tells her what a great job she’s doing. She really gets excited for Eden.

It warms a mama’s heart to see her children cheering each other on.

2 Responses to “Eden’s record”

  1. andrea Says:

    Great potty song.

    Rather than using “pee and poop” I think I will use the words “stinkies and wets.” I heard those expressions at a friends house and I like them.

    I remember that we used BM as kids, but I don’t remember how we referred to pee, because mom hates the “p” word.

  2. Jonathan Blake Says:

    My dad likes to tell a story about a family who called defecating “grunting”. Funny sitcom misunderstandings ensue.