Scar Back

I had Jon take a picture of my scar after my shower this morning.


I didn’t measure it, but I’m sure it’s over an inch in length.

Here’s a close up.


You can see how it looks like I have a mole within that smaller scar to the bottom left and I do, hence the surgery coming up.

I just hate not being able to do anything for four weeks. (I know I have some family members who are in worse situations than me or similar because they can’t do things they wish, but it’s constant and not for just four weeks, but for years.)

If I don’t want to do anything I like it to be because of my own laziness and not because of a surgery.

I also remember how frustrating it was to depend on people since Eden was only a year old and still needed to be lifted in and out of her crib and into the high chair, handed to me to nurse, and changed.

I had some great friends who helped me and my mom came by when she could.

This time I have two older girls who don’t need lifted, except the toilet when we’re out and about and if Lilah’s already using the girl’s bathroom Eden needs help with our toilet. Also I’ll just have to get up earlier to allow the time it takes for them to do things on there own and leave a few minutes earlier so I can let Eden get into her seat by herself, instead of rushing her.

I only see time out being a problem. Kids never want to go to time out and mine are no different. I often have to carry them there or push them along by there back while they walk.

Plus it wasn’t just depending on others to help with the girls, it was not being able to do as much around the house and having to leave it for Jon that was also hard.

Patience. Pray for me to have patience.

3 Responses to “Scar Back”

  1. Elizabeth J. Says:

    Adam has a scar a lot like this one on his back from where he got a mole removed, too. I’t almost 2 inches long, and I think it looks like a centipede, and I hate it!

    However, I love all his moles (he has over 50 just on his back). I was always told that moles were “beauty marks” and I don’t have any, so I always wanted them.

    I know the surgery and the worry stink though and DO NOT make them beauty marks. I am sorry for you, but I know Jon loves you all the same 🙂

  2. andrea Says:

    You should definitely teach Lilah to rub some cream or vitamin E oil into that bad boy.

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