Mother’s Day

It’ mother’s day. Jon made me a beautiful breakfast, and were’ going to have the day to ourselves, except we will be going to church. Usually we visit our moms but this year were a little anti -Mother’s Day . Not that I think it’s bad to honor our mother’s, but the world is so caught up in buying your mother something and showing you love with a gift/card/chocolate. We just didn’t have the mental energy to think of gifts to buy our Mom’s or cards to make. (Jon’s mom loves the homemade cars we make her.) We just want to enjoy one another without the worries of classes and having to be somewhere. Saturday is our errand day so Sunday is our rest day, but it can be so busy.

I love my mother. She’s been an example to me since I was little. I love my mother-in-law because she doesn’t meddle. I love being a mom and watching my two little girls grow.

Here’s some pictures of what my girls have been up to.

Jon found Eden in the box….he has no idea how she got in it… She’s not big enough to climb into it.
Lilah decided she wanted to be in the box with Eden.
This is from the FHE that we celebrated Jon’s birthday…Eden liked the wrapping paper.
Lilah liked the Leopard.
Where’s Eden?
Lilah “helping” me blow up the pool we just bought.
When I was blowing up the pool Lilah kept giving me hugs and kissings and saying I love you Mommy.
Jon took this picture… he thought we we’re being cute… Lilah liked the show more that the camera.

Eden is now crawling everywhere. I keep forgeting to write that down. I don’t remember when she made the full transition from army crawl on her tummy to totally crawling, but she’s even faster now. It’s only been the last week that’s she been doing it constantly…. so I’m not such a bad mother.

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