Beets are our most successful crop thus far. You can eat the leaves. (I get the steamer boiling, put the cut up leaves in and then remove the beet leaves from the heat. I also eat them with Italian dressing ’cause they’re too bitter to me without it.)
You can eat the root, well the beet is the root.

I did not like beets as a child. My mom would buy them and they were awful.
Then I ate regular beets as an adult at Jon’s house. They were nothing like the beets I knew as a child because the beets I knew as a child were pickled.

Pickled beets are not regular beets.

That said I still feel that beets are not for everyone. I, myself, like the earthy sweet taste our garden beets have, and canned beets are OK too, but not as tasty as our garden beets. Eden does not like beets. I try to tell her they’re red pancakes but she doesn’t buy it and barely touches any beets we give her.
(Broccoli are trees, mashed potatoes are clouds. We give our food different names for fun most of the time. Lilah loves red pancakes. )

This was our beet harvest this year.



I’m thinking we should plant all beets and plum tomatoes because they seem to produce the most for us. Our radishes also grow well, but I detest radishes, and Jon’s breath for the hour after he’s eaten any.

After dinner note: Eden ate her beet without any complaint and even had a second one! I guess she only likes beets from our garden.

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