Early presents

Yesterday I got my birthday presents, or we could say it was my mother’s day gift. I went shopping for capri’s, or shorts. We had decided on me buying one pair, so I could have something for the summer. I found some cute cropped jeans and some khaki gaucho (is that right) shorts that really flatter my body. So I called Jon to see if I could have them both, one being an early birthday present, and a shirt, (the shorts are low rise so I needed another shirt to go with them because I only have about three at home that are the super long style so you don’t see anything you shouldn’t) Anyways I’m just so happy to have gone shopping and to have some new clothes to wear. I haven’t bought pants since after I had Lilah. Carolyn gave me some jeans, so those are great, but it was nice to buy something just for me, that fits me just right, right now. I have bought some shirts since I’ve had Eden, but it’s so fun to have a new outfit. I stopped by payless and got some flip flops. I still need a another pair of sandals, but these are comfy and they match the outfit I bought and will go with anything since they’re tan.
I’m trying to get my wardrobe down to having clothes that I feel good in. I do have my frumpy at home clothes, but I’m even trying to get ride of those a little. It’s just nice to look good and when you think you look good you feel good. I love that long t-shirts are in style. I would buy more if I had the excuse. I just feel good and I can’t wait to go out and look cute. I suppose I should also stay home and look cute. I appreciate Jon and his love for his frumpy wife that doesn’t shower everyday. (I still smell good though.)
Happy Early Birthday to me!

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