Are were finished yet?

So we started painting today. (I thought Jon had the whole two weeks off, but today was his first day off.) I have the primer coat on. It had to be cleaned up with mineral spirits, so I have lots of primer on my hands still and I have decided that primer paint is evil, or any paint that you clean up with mineral spirits. It’s not the most even coat, so I’m hoping I still only need one coat of regular paint.

I’m tired and we have no where to sleep because the table that was under our bed is now on our bed and there is no where to put it and I won’t be painting the color on until tomorrow. It’s starting to get dark and I don’t want any bugs coming in the open door while I paint, not to mention cats.

I’m exhausted too.

I think our bedroom will be the only room we paint…ever.

One Response to “Are were finished yet?”

  1. nice niece Says:

    Painting does not sound fun. Maybe I’m glad we live in an apartment. 🙂