5 years ago today….

Was my last day of work. Like real work in an office, not taking care of children work. I worked for Distance Ed at UNLV as a student worker and my due date for Lilah was a month away or June 27th.The contract ended on May 23rd 2003 and rather than put people through  the work of renewing a contract for a lousy 2 or 3 weeks I decided to quit the final day of the contract. ( They renewed student worker contracts every semester and once at the beginning the summer. )

Today I am filling in as the receptionist at my sister’s work. Theirs called in sick, Jon’s home and my mom was already at her other job, who is the normal sub. Any money is good money and this happens to be easy money.  (Jon’s getting the bedroom organized, but most of it’s his books and I have a few boxes, so I don’t feel too bad leaving him to the resettling of the room after I painted it for two days.)

I’m at the office now, but I don’t have my password for my blog so this will not be posted til I get home tonight.

I was a little nervous, but I know the people in the office and they’re very nice, even if they swear like sailors and watch you while you answer the phones to make you nervous. I don’t know real-estate lingo or what goes on so when the people on the phone fire off questions I really wish I could answer them, but all I can do is redirect.

I just think it’s funny. Five years from the date of my final day at work I’m subbing  and “working” at least for the day.

Note from home: Jon had dinner ready when I got home and most of the stuff back in the bedroom and the dishes done. He even did some laundry, and folded it! (I admit I don’t always fold the laundry when I do it.) When Lilah was at the table waiting for dinner to be served and she had overheard some of my thank yous she said “Yeah, Daddy’s such a good housekeeper.”

One Response to “5 years ago today….”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    See what happens when you go back into the work feild, you get a housekepper, a good one at that.

    It was great you came in. Love you!!