We put  Eden in those plastic training pants yesterday.  Jon’s trying to potty train her in his last 4 days of vacation because we’re not seeing much progress with the pull-ups.  She wasn’t liking them and  we asked her why.

“My bottom is big.”

Yep. It’s official. She’s a teenage girl at the age of nearly 3.

On the up side of your husband potty training your child in the messy pants. I call them messy because they ’cause a mess and lots of stress. He has to deal with all the messes and Jon has much more patience. He had to clean the poop out of 3 different pairs of underwear and poop that had leaked onto the floor out of her pull-up that morning. Luckily it was on our fake wood floor and not any carpet.

I was very happy to be incapacitated yesterday. By the third poopy underwear I would have been a little more upset, though she had tried to go to the toilet the third time.
It was a more poop than usual day yesterday also, so I’m glad to have Jon.

The downfall, I have to start dealing with the messes come Monday.

One Response to “Eden”

  1. Jonathan Blake Says:

    I took some pictures of the poop trail down the hall (Lacey refuses to post them), so let me know if anyone’s interested. 🙂 I know it’s gross, but parenting has given me a scatological sense of humor.